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Richard George

This is a collection of photos taken over a number of years but currently focussing on my recent digital images.

My primary interest is in travel photography, combining two of my favourite activities and allowing for the fact that the only time I get to use a camera these days is on holiday.

I hope you enjoy the photos - feel free to Contact me, and please pass on the URL of the site to anyone you think might be interested.


I Started taking photographs at a young age, encouraged by my father, who taught me how to use a camera properly, and how to print in a darkroom - much more fun than Photoshop!

After many years flying the flag for film, I switched to digital in 2007, a pragmatic move, which has allowed me to reduce the time and effort involved in producing images. I do miss the tactile and physical qualities of darkroom printing, however, and particularly the magic of creating images by physically manipulating light. But technology moves on, and I can process digital prints much faster.


I currently use an Olympus OM-D E5 camera for my digital work with a range of zoom lenses to cover everything from extreme wide angle to long zoom. This is, of course, a compromise between weight, quality and flexibility but it works for me. The bulk of the images in this album were taken with this kit, and I love the 4x3 ratio - it's a much easier ratio to work with than the traditional 35mm ratio of 3x2.

In my film days I used an Olympus OM4Ti - in my view one of the best cameras ever, and the images in the gallery taken with this camera show a different working technique, with much more use of cropping and very few full-frame images. Check out the May Day gallery for some examples.

I also use a Lomo LC-A, which frees me from the technicalities of photography and gets the creative juices going when I'm feeling a bit jaded - the Thames Trip gallery contains some typical Lomo shots.


I provide a lecture course on photographic composition, and can combine it with practical criticism sessions and/or field work if required.

I can pass on darkroom skills - colour and black and white - to anyone interested, although I don't currently have a darkroom set up so you'll need to provide your own, or hire a space.

I can also provide fine quality prints - either digital or traditional darkroom - of my work, or other people's. All of the prints on this site can be purchased in standard sizes by adding them to the shopping basket in the right panel, but please contact me with any special requirements, or about licensing for commercial and non-commercial use.

I am happy to accept interesting commissions for events, promotions and publicity, fine art, travel and reportage. Contact me if you are interested, and I'll be happy to provide a quote for any photographic work however large or small.